‘Cell Phone Crashing’ Pranks Loud Talkers At Airport, Cures Layover Boredom.


What’s your favorite part of the airport? Is it the lines? The security? The loud conversations?

We think it’s that last one that motivated comedian Greg Benson to create this video, which he calls “Cell Phone Crashing.” It’s not quite as violent as the name would suggest – Benson just sidles up next to people talking on theirphone and begins completing the other half of their conversation himself.

That means he’s answering questions about what he’d like to eat when he gets home, congratulating one supremely irritated-looking student on his B+, and telling one woman he loves her.

Benson plays it completely straight – whenever someone asks him, he just casually tells them he’s on the phone. As is the case with most stunts like this, it’s other people’s reactions that really make the video.