Cat Has A Hilarious Reaction To The Sound Of Crinkling Plastic


Different sounds can have some pretty crazy effects on our bodies. For example, the sound of nails on a chalkboard is enough to send chills down most people’s spines, and it even makes some people’s teeth hurt! But for Blu the cat, the sound of crinkling plastic inspires an even crazier reaction. I’ve seen some cats do some weird things before, but this really takes the cake!

According to her owner, Blu only reacts this way when he crinkles a plastic wrapper. Believe it or not, we’ve seen a cat have this same reaction before, but instead of sticking his tongue out at plastic, it was the sound of packaging tape that made him do it. Apparently, this weird occurrence might be because certain sounds can cause bizarre reactions from motor neurons. In fact, the sound of crinkling tin foil or clanging metal spoons has even been reported to cause seizures in older cats, so keep that in mind if you have kitties in your house!

Luckily, Blu’s reaction to the sound of plastic seems to be pretty harmless (and very funny). Since she might not even be controlling her tongue’s reaction to the sound, I have to wonder what she’s thinking! It’s so strange how such a normal, everyday sound for us can trigger such a goofy reaction for this pretty kitty.

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