Canadian Bank Thanks Its Customers In The Most Amazing And Surprising Way.


TD Bank decided to create special moments for some of their 11 million customers.  They posted this video about what they did a couple months ago and the video has already gotten over seventeen million views.

They set up a machine that looked like any other ATM machine, but it dispensed more than just money. They gave special gifts to their customers that were more than just the objects themselves.  They gave these people moments they may never have gotten to experience in their lives otherwise.  Watch the video to see what amazing gifts these customers received and their reactions to these wonderful acts of kindness.


These days most headlines about banks make you consider storing all your money at home, under your mattress, so it’s really nice to see a financial institution do something like this, even if it was just for a few of their customers. This would be a bank I would trust (at least to be appreciative of my account).

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