This Camper May Look Small At First, But It Holds More Room Than You’d Ever Even Guess..


Ahhhh the great outdoors – a sweet release, a place to break away from all the chaos of everyday life. Why do we love it so much? Because it provides us certain luxuries our frenetic, modern world just can’t. Things like peace, tranquility, solitude. But it also deprives us of certain luxuries that many of us very much enjoy, like powered heating, a comfortable place to sit and sleep, and a clean, well-furnished environment.

For those of you who appreciate the latter more than the former, but would still like to try your hand at camping some day, there’s good news: you don’t have to give up the luxuries of home to enjoy the luxuries of the outdoors. Now, thanks to architects like Eduard Bohtlingk, there are campers like this that embody the best of both worlds.


The accordion-like caravan named, Markies (“Marquis” in Dutch), has collapsable sides that triple the camper’s size


On one side rests the living room, equipped with two cushioned benches. The transparent roof is separately collapsable


The space is seamlessly connected to the conjunctive, middle section


On the other side rests the bedrooms, with two beds in each segment


At night, the opaque, orange awning pulls down for a cozy, unbothered night’s sleep


The center component also has its own dining room area


It also holds a fully equipped kitchen


And a nifty kitchen table. Everything about this camper is ingenious