Bullies Attacked A Boy With Autism, Now Watch What The Firemen Do


Firemen don’t have to be putting out fires to be heroes, and this is a perfect example of that.

When a seventh-grader named Jonathan got on his bus after school to head home, a couple of bullies decided to pick on him. They made fun of him calling him “fat” and “stupid,” as well as hitting him multiple times in the face. He was left bruised and bloody, having his lip busted open during the altercation.

Jonathan, who is autistic and struggles with self-control, didn’t retaliate at all that day. Soon EMTs arrived on the scene, and they notified his mother that they would be taking him home that day.Screen-Shot-2015-10-13-at-11.27.28-AM

Jonathan felt so comforted by the EMTs that he opened up to them a lot; sharing his diagnosis as well as his goals and aspirations. The EMTs dropped him off at home – and that’s really where this story was just beginning.

Later that evening the same EMTs showed up at Jonathan’s front door with a special surprise for the brave young man.


Jonathan was presented with an American flag for his bravery, and display of incredible self control. Jonathan, who has expressed interest in joining the armed forces, was overjoyed with this gift, and it didn’t stop there.

The firemen also gave Jonathan a t-shirt, as well as a brand new pair of sneakers: “That’s all for you for being such a great kid, for keeping your cool, for not losing it, and for being the better person,” they told him.

Watch this incredible video:

As if this story could end any better, Jonathan had a powerful message for the boy who bullied him:

“I would like to tell that student that I forgive him, and would like to be his friend. My Mom and I talked yesterday, and would like to invite the student who did this to dinner with us, so that he can see that we are not different, just because we look different.”