This Brave Mom Let Her 3-Year-Old Pick Out All Her Clothes For One Week


Summer Bellessa, from the parenting website Babble, decided to try a somewhat interesting (and very risky) experiment. She let her three-year-old son Rockwell pick out her wardrobe for one whole business week. I thought briefly about trying this myself, but my son is only eight-months-old, so I’d just walk around covered in vomit all day. Which, come to think of it, isn’t very far off from reality.

I’ve gotta say, Bellessa’s son has got some pretty decent sartorial instincts:


1. Monday

1Not a bad ensemble right out of the gate. Though, to be fair, Bob Dylan t-shirts go with everything.

2. Tuesday


Devoid of context, this could be a photo of any hipster chick in Williamsburg or Silver Lake. I wonder how this kid feels about the new Alvvays album.

3. Wednesday


Floral patterns coupled with an army jacket? Young Rockwell is definitely making some kind of a statement.

4. Thursday


Note the subtly mismatched shoes. It’s like a fashion Easter egg.

5. Friday



Mismatched boots might be a bit derivative of last season, but they do add a splash of oddness to an otherwise routine blue-on-blue ensemble. Actually, a nice laid-back outfit with which to wind down the week.