Beloved Choir Director Dies Within Minutes Of Her Students Singing Outside Her Home


Mariana Walker was the beloved choir teacher at Alvin Junior High School. When she became progressively ill battling cancer, she had to leave school and receive hospice care at her home. As her time was coming to an end, her students arrived at her doorstep and serenaded her outside her door to give her comfort. They sang the Hillsong’s beautiful “Oceans.”

“Her family opened the doors so she could hear them sing,” videographer Cindi Lee Cooper-Fields said. “It was one of the most beautiful gestures I have ever seen. Friends from all ages got together and sang like angels in hopes of her feeling our love and respect.”

Just minutes after the students finished singing, Mariana peacefully passed on.

“The family walked back in the house and, within a few minutes, she took her last breath,” said Cooper-Fields.

“The experience was very moving. It’s like she was waiting for her kids,” Lisa Turner Howell, a school worker, told about the emotional experience.

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You can see more of the students singing “Oceans” in the video from Lisa Turner Howell below.