Bad Ass Woman Gently Puts Down A Baby, Then Beats The Crap Out Of A Robber Who Stuck A Gun In Her Face


Whenever there’s a robbery going down in an establishment or store you’re in you’ve got a couple options on what you can do next – though every safety official will implore you simply to comply and note every little detail you can.

Obviously it’s best to leave things like that to the authorities, simply because your life isn’t worth risking over anything material. That’s the same advice the workers are given in order to protect their own lives, but what happens when you mess with the owner?

This video was captured in Normandy of a bar owner and her baby at the moment an armed robber demands for the cash, The woman calmly walks past the gunman and sets her baby down, then returns to face him with the gun pointed right at her face. Instead of complying and giving him everything she had, she acted purely on instinct and started hitting the guy with his own bag, seemingly scolding him for his poor life decisions the whole time!

Bravery comes in all shapes and forms, but it can definitely be said she was lucky to make it out of this alive, let alone the customer with the chair going straight WWE on the guy. Either way, we’re glad they’re alive and well – but something tells me that woman won’t be seeing a whole lot of robberies from now on…