Aunt fakes Facebook profile to check on 19-year-old niece, makes chilling discovery



Marissa Williams’ aunt thought she was doing a good deed by having Williams move in with her. Little did she know that she may have just welcomed a would-be murderer in with open arms. reports that Williams was a 19-year-old from Fosters, Ala., with an active social media life in spring of 2014. This created problems in her new home.

Since Williams was inviting virtual strangers over to the house, people she had only met on Facebook, her aunt decided to take steps to try to teach her niece about the dangers of social media, writes According to Enough Is Enough, 2,332 people were arrested in 2010 in cases where the Internet was used to commit sex crimes against minors. The site also reports that, “29% of Internet sex crime relationships were initiated on a social networking site.” 
In order to teach the lesson, Williams’ aunt created a fake persona on Facebook, a place that advertises itself as a “way to connect” with people that share the same interests and activities. Facebook also offers Messenger, which allows people to have private conversations, and Groups, where those in the group talk together at the same time.
After getting accepted as Williams’ friend, the aunt was approached by Williams, who allegedly offered to provide sex if her phone bill was paid. Later, reports, Williams asked the aunt’s Facebook persona to kill Williams’ aunt, the aunt’s fiance, cousin and the family dog. Armed with this information, Williams’ aunt called in the sheriff, and Williams was arrested on suspicion of “solicitation of murder.”