Angry Teacher Embarrasses 7 Year Old In Front of ENTIRE Class. Her Response Is GENIUS.


aSophia is an extraordinary child, for a 7 year old she has an unrivalled imagination, she possesses an appreciation and understanding of life that fills her with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.

She loves to read, adventure stories mostly, and always dreams of one day becoming a writer. She was raised on a rural farm with her family, their home is isolated, so she doesn’t have many friends, but she has her horse, Maisie.

Sophia loves animals they are her world, every night after school she threw her bag around her neck and sprinted down the rocky lane towards the stables so she could help her Dad out with the new ponies.

bShe was a bright girl who did well at school but the one lesson she hated was MATHS! Not only did she not see how the subject was relevant to her life, she despised her teacher Mrs Griselda.

Mrs Griselda was every students worst nightmare, Sophia had once wrote in her diary that she reminded her of the Grand High Witch from Roald Dahls novel ‘The Witches’.

As Sophia walked into her math lesson one Monday morning she noticed Mrs Grisdela had a disconcerting look of anger plastered across her face. She looked as if she was about to boil over.

When the students sat down Mrs Griselda demanded that Sophia come to the front of the class. Mrs G waved Sophia’s homework in her face and barked “WHAT IS THIS?”, Sophia replied “Err my homework?.”

“Don’t get smart with me young lady” shouted Mrs G!

Sophia’s homework looked like this:

cMrs G had tried to embarrass Sophia by making a point of her lack of interest in math. Sophia couldn’t help but let out a cheeky smirk and she was immediately sent to the headmistresses office.


She apologised to her head mistress and promised her it won’t happen again.

Sophia explained how she just thought their were more important issues to be heard than figuring out the value of X and Y or working on decimals.

Her headteacher paused for a moment and tilted her head. Sophia could tell she was finding it hard  to disagree.

“Let’s keep this between me and you” said the headmistress.  “But I’ve never used any of that nonsense in my life!”

“You keep doing what your doing child, I have an eye for genuine talent, and I can tell that you will go on to do great things, just try not to ruffle Mrs G’s feathers again along way, run along.” Sophia politely nodded and ran back to class.

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