An Abandoned Pit Bull Was Found Nursing A Newborn Kitten On A Roadside, And Now They’re Inseparable.


“Pitty and Kitty” would be a great name for a 1970s easy-listening group. Those are also the names given to a just-born kitten and pit bull that were recently found on the side of the road in Texas. Now the inseparable pair are providing enough cuteness to power at least 10 remakes of The Adventures of Milo and Otis.

When the duo was brought in to the Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas, the staff discovered that the kitten — which was under 10 days old — had actually been feeding off of the pit bull’s mammaries. But the pit’s milk had just run dry, and according to Mercy Animal Clinic veterinarian Dr. Rick Hamlin, the kitten would likely have died within 24 hours had someone not brought it in.

Now both animals are in good health, and the kitten is being bottle fed. But Pitty still helps during feeding time by cleaning and “stimulating” the kitten. They’re trying to find an owner for the duo now, with the stipulation that they can’t be split up. But what kind of dummy would want to do that?