After Her Kids Misbehaved In A Movie Theater, A Mom Had This Epic Response


Being a parent is hard. It comes with numerous expenses and responsibilities. If you aren’t good at your job (and frankly, it is a job), your (in)actions can ruin society as we know it. If you don’t do your job as a parent, who knows what kind of hellish adults they could become?

Thankfully, one mother looked to set things right after her children misbehaved in a movie theater. Kyesha Smith Wood’s three children were reported as being disruptive and obnoxious during a screening of the new movie, Cinderella. They directed their awful behavior to a woman who asked them to quiet down so everyone could enjoy the movie. When Kyesha Smith Wood found this out, she took to Facebook to right the wrong.

The woman who complained to the children had just found out that her husband was laid off. Their trip to the movie was the last time they could afford to go out on the town for a while, and they wanted to enjoy their time.epicsource