A Woman Who Survived Being Stabbed 30 Times By Her Ex Just Got An Amazing Proposal


Melissa Dohme got a proposal to remember at a Tampa Bay Rays game on Monday.

In January 2012, EMTs in Clearwater, Florida, responded to the scene of a brutal attack. The victim, Melissa Dohme, had been stabbed over 30 times by her ex-boyfriend.


One of the first responders was named Cameron Hill. He told the Tampa Bay Times that Dohme was so covered in blood you “couldn’t tell she was blond.” Dohme flat-lined four times in the hospital, but survived the attack.


Her attacker, Robert Lee Burton Jr., pleaded guilty to attempted murder in 2013, theTampa Bay Times reported.

Dohme has since become a domestic violence advocate for a local nonprofit, and has turned theFacebook page her sister created after she was attacked into a page for raising awareness.


In 2012, Dohme was giving a talk at a church when she was surprised by two of the first responders who saved her life, one of whom was Hill. The couple felt a spark and agreed to meet up, the Tampa Bay Timesreported.


They soon started dating. “It’s my real-life fairy-tale and it feels like I am living in a dream,” Dohme said on Facebook about her relationship.


On Monday, Dohme was asked to throw out the first pitch for a Tampa Bay Rays game to recognize her advocacy work. Little did she know, she was about to get a big surprise.


On the ball, Hill had written “Will You Marry Me.”


“Little did I know Cameron COMPLETELY planned a surprise engagement with them and tricked me with this plan that was in the works for two months,” Dohme said.

“So surprised, so in love, and I just feel like I am floating on a cloud,” she said.