A Woman Left A Romantic Sign For A Hot Guy And He Replied…

And it worked.


Only one night for “coffee”! (via Beachcomber Fun Cruises)

A woman named Sarah, after several hours of being slow-cooked on a New Zealand beach, saw a beautiful man strolling with a “bouncy, blonde dog” and felt there was a spark to their shared smile. Instead of running inside to a room lit only by the sickly glow of an LED screen to post a Craigslist missed connection ad, she broke out the paint set and made this charming sign. She left it behind in the little seaside town of Picton, hoping her handsome man would find it and meet her at the appointed time.

Then it got thrown in the trash and we never heard about it again. PSYCH. Actually, it turned into a rom-com, with the entire community of Picton cast as the quirky townies pushing two lovers together. A local cruise company Beachcomber Fun Cruises posted pictures of the signs on their Facebook page and it attracted over 13,000 views. And they found him:


So is your dog. (via Will Scott Chalmers)

Will Scott Chalmers saw his own illustration and he got right on board, telling New Zealand radio station, The Hits:

“It would be really rude if I was the talk of the town and didn’t show up. I’d go from being famous in Picton to being the most hated person, just like that.”

Hmm. Yes.


The ladies in black are her future bridesmaids. (via Beachcomber Fun Cruises)

And thennnnnn:

4They did it! Two adults managed to go on a date! (via Beach Fun Cruises)

I hope this is the best one night stand of their lives.