A Toddler Wants To Play With A Lion, How The Lion Reacted? I’m Speechless!


If you never had a chance to see what happened at the El Paso Zoo, then I have something good for you. In this clip, you are going to see an infant and Zari the lioness share sometime through the glass. This brave boy goes near the lion’s enclosure and he immediately distracts Zari’s attention. She whacks him through the barrier between them. ThisYouTube video is called “El Paso Zoo lion loves children” and anyone watching this will think the feeling is mutual. This toddler seems to be having a good time as he watches the lion’s movements sniggering with the individuals around him.

The El Paso Zoo website says that Zari was born in Oklahoma in 2007. That’s where he got his name Zari which implies “Golden” after a contest. Everyone thinks she is a wonderful creature and we hope this lion had some nice time playing with her tiny pal. I know someone reading this post is curious to see how the lion played with the kid, all you need to do is watch this video…