A Small Bump Suddenly Appears On Her Thigh. Then 3 Days Later Another Shows Up on Her Arm…


It started with a small pea-sized bump on her leg before she noticed a similar bump on her upper left arm a few days later, CBSDFW reports.

Two oddly alarming features on Kimberly Henshaw’s body that prompted a doctor visit that would change her life.1

Doctors diagnosed Henshaw with stage 4 metastatic melanoma and said she would be lucky to make it to Christmas.

After seeking the opinions of several different doctors, most of whom told Henshaw to prepare for the worst, she jetted off to Catalina with her girlfriends to prepare for the fight ahead.

Although she was told her cancer would kill her on more than one occasion, Dr. John Nemunaitis had a different goal in mind.

“He said, ‘Hi, I’m Dr. John, and I’m here to save your life,’” Hinshaw tellsCBSDFW.

Dr. Nemunaitus, from the Medical City Dallas Hospital, suggested a treatment that consistently showed promise but was still in the clinical trial stage, called T-VEC.2

Hinshaw didn’t have much left to lose and had everything to gain, so she put her faith in the hands of a doctor who was ready to fight along side her.

Two shots a month and 28 weeks later, scans show the cancer that was in her body is now gone.

“I do feel like I’m a walking miracle, I do,” she tells CBSDFW. “I feel like I’m alive to tell this story, that there is hope for people who can live with cancer.”

According to Hinshaw’s personal Facebook account, she proudly worked along side doctors toward getting the treatment that cured her approved by the FDA.