A Guy Lost His Monster In East London And Everyone’s Keen To Help Him


Hey everybody, I don’t want to alarm you, but there’s a monster on the loose in East London!


About fifty of these signs have been popping up all over London.


The poor little lost monster’s owner James McMahon has been frantically trying to track the the adorably freakish miscreation down.


You’ll know him if you see him. He has three eyes with no eyelids, hands on the top of his head, seven sharp incisors in an overbite, a round head/body and he answers to the name Clive.

See now, this person thinks she’s found Clive, but she’s clearly mistaken.


Note the two-tooth overbite and the horns on top of the head where hands should be. Totally different monster! Maybe not even from the same galaxy.

She’s not the only person trying to help.

McMahon—a writer, musician and cartoon artist living in London—shared a few items from his inbox with BuzzFeed, and it shows how much his lost monster’s plight has affected people:


Some people claim to have found him:





Definitely not Clive, but not a bad looking monster. I mean, if you’re into monsters. No judgements.


Could Clive have really made it all the way to China? I find that doubtful. He’d have to travel by plane, and according to sketch, he’s not wearing any pants. I don’t think they let on on planes without pants. Plus, with no pants pockets, where would he keep his passport?

Sadly, not everybody has the most altruistic intentions for Clive.





“I think people want magic in their lives, no matter how miserable the world seems. With my art, I like doing things that make people feel like a kid for five minutes, like scanning a stupid poster pinned to a tree (because I want to live in the sort of world where we had monsters for pets – 80s cartoons promised me that, they lied), having a giggle and forgetting about all the horrors that blare out on Twitter all day long.”

That, and he obviously wants his monster back.