911 Call Shows Fetus Was Breathing After Abortion.



With the topic of abortion serving as such a polarizing topic for debate, it’s easy to pull out rare instances on both sides of the argument that don’t show the opposing side in the correct light. For pro-life advocates, instances where an emergency line is called in response to an abortion gone wrong is always something at the forefront of their arguments. For those involved, though, it is a scary situation they are sure not to forget.

A woman came into a Phoenix, Arizona clinic at 21 weeks pregnant, which qualified her as below the 24 week abortion limit. The doctor checked for a heartbeat several times and found none, but it wasn’t until the fetus was placed on a scale that the medical staff realized it was moving.

One of the staff called emergency services, saying “There was a termination that was performed. There is a fetus that is breathing right now, so we need someone to do services.”

The clinic did not have the proper tools or training to care for the fetus, and could do little other than try and keep it stable until paramedics arrived. Even though the staff did all the could, the fetus still died while being transported to the hospital.

Kat Sabine, Executive Director of the Arizona chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America, says that everything was done right here from both a legal and a moral standpoint. According to federal “born alive” legislation, which states that any fetus born alive during an abortion procedure must receive medical care, the clinic was acting within the law in this instance.

“Nobody did anything wrong. Absolutely nobody did anything wrong. The doctor, in fact, did everything right.”

This is a rare situation that gives a bad name to the abortion process, but it is still a terrifying situation for the pregnant woman as well as the countless medical staff involved in the process.