9-Year-Old Records THIS Shocking Message About Mom. Everyone Needs To See This…


Trey Flourouy is just 9 years old, yet after an unthinkable accident, his powerful words will resonate with many. Trey’s mother, Tonya, recently lost her life in a motorcycle accident.

The reason? She wasn’t wearing a helmet. In the state of Florida, motorcyclists over the age of 21 aren’t required by law to wear helmets. On a motorcycle, the simple safety gear is often the difference between life and death.

“We need to do this,” Trey says in his video. “We have to make it so people have to wear a helmet.”

Tonya, a mother of two, was 30 years old when she was riding on the back of a friend’s motorcycle. A car turned into the motorcycle’s path and struck them both. The driver survived, but Tonya was thrown from the vehicle. Had she been required to wear a helmet, her story might have a different ending.

Things like texting drinking or texting while driving can put other peoples’ lives in danger; not wearing a helmet puts your own life in danger. Drive responsibly.

“My mom could’ve been sitting right here next to me if she would have been wearing a helmet. And she wouldn’t have gotten hurt bad or injured,” he says.

Now, Trey and his father Michael have created this powerful plea to get the “people with influence” to hear them out and change the law.

“This was really important to me because something very tragic happened and I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” says Trey.

See a 9-year-old boy’s emotional plea to change motorcycle helmet laws below.