82-year-old Grandpa Wants To Earn A Degree, Attends The Same College As His Granddaughter


When Melanie Salazar tweeted how proud she was of her grandfather enrolling for classes at Palo Alto College in Texas, she never expected to receive so much support from strangers.

“I’m so proud of my grandpa for finishing his first day at PAC this semester. 82 years old and not giving up,” Melanie wrote on Twitter.


Rene Neira, Melanie’s grandfather, returned to college in order to earn his associate’s degree. At a whopping 82 years old, Rene was truly an inspiration to the world that it is never too late to go back to school.

In another shocking twist, it was revealed that Rene actually is attended the very same college as his granddaughter!

While Rene is working towards finishing his associate’s degree in economics, his granddaughter is trying to earn her degree in liberal arts (for now).

“I’m actually very undecided, but I had to put down something,” Melanie told reporters.

Melanie tweeted in support of her grandfather, not assuming anything big would amount of it. Surprising to Melanie, her tweet was retweeted over 2,000 times!


Honestly to me it feels normal that I’m going to school with my grandpa. I look at my grandpa and I’m proud of him. This is a normal thing. It feels great and I’m very proud of him,” Melanie shared with ABC reporters.

For Melanie to be working alongside her grandpa to earn their respective degrees allows her to remain motivated to complete what she has started.


“It only motivates me more not to give up and figure out what I want to study specifically. I know that if he can do it and I can definitely can do it,” Melanie told reporters.

With her grandfather close by her side while she pursues her liberal arts degree, Melanie is sure to do amazing things in the future!

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