6-Year-Old Boy Leaves Beautiful Note For Parents Before Passing Away


Break out the tissues, because you’re going to need them for this one.

It’s a story of 6-year-old Leland Shoemake’s final message to his parents before he passed away on September 25th. The Georgia boy passed away after several weeks of treatment for meningitis. When his parents returned home after his passing, they found a note from their little boy waiting for them, and it is one that they are sure to cherish forever.

Leland loved to draw, so it wasn’t uncommon to find his doodles and notes left around the house. This note, however, was entirely different. As parents Tim and Amber were summoning the courage to plan their son’s funeral, they found a note in his handwriting that read  “Still with you. Thank you mom and dad. Love mom and dad.”


“To say I lost it was an understatement,” Amber said. “We cried together for the longest time.”


The family plans to take this final note and have it framed to hang in their house.


Leland was a young boy taken from the world too soon, but his small, sweet act is sure to leave an impact on this family for the rest of their lives.


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