5th Grade Boy Writes An Epic Love Note For A Girl In His Class


efore your high school sweetheart comes your playground crush. Most of us can remember our elementary school crushes, the first people that we seemed to fawn after at a young age. This is mostly filled with cringe worthy stories of learning to flirt, or shoving dirt in someone face because you think being mean shows them how much you like them.

One 5th grade boy, though, wanted to prove that he was above this typical elementary level love, and wrote a high grade love letter to his crush, Abby.

Redditor dreichert87 decided to post a photo that this letter, as it was received by his niece.

“Dear Abby,” the note reads. “Your eyes remind me of the evening sky. My heart felt like broken glass until I saw you, and then, I felt like I had every pokemon ever. I love how you play Zelda even when people think it’s weird. If you liked me it would be my first ever victory.”


The internet has already fallen in love with this mystery 5th grader, giving him props for having serious game with the ladies. But the real question everyone is dying to know the answer to, is did the note work!?


With compliments, spot on metaphors, and a self deprecating comment all in one letter, we can’t imagine this little guy will have much trouble in the future, even if things didn’t happen to work out with Abby.



Have you held on to the notes and love letters that you got back in school?