17 Year Old Girl Calls 911 To Save Her Dying Dad, Only To Get Arrested For THIS. Unbelievable!


When you call 911 or when you go to the police (especially in cases where you could save someone’s life), you shouldn’t have to worry about being arrested for doing so – but apparently that’s becoming too much to ask in some places.

Seventeen-year-old Adrianne Ledesma wasn’t aware that when you place a 9-1-1 call, the recording begins before the phone is even answered; so when she found her seizing father who’d recently come out of brain surgery three weeks prior on the kitchen floor, profanity and panic came out as she dialed the one number she’d always been told would help… or so she thought.

As the phone kept ringing she wasn’t getting through to anyone so she hung up and dialed again, except this time saying “What the f**k!?” right before Officer Robert McFarland answered the phone. She immediately requested and ambulance and yet, was ignored; you see, officer McFarland wasn’t interested in her panicked plea, he was more interested in what language she used before she even knew he was on the line. After a little more profanity the officer simply hangs up on her, as if the nature of her emergency was entirely dependent upon how nice she was to him. After HE bungled up what should have been a standard call, she called back only to be sworn at, and called names.

The story doesn’t even stop there! Check out the news clip below and prepare to feel that frothy rage boil up, because I just can’t even talk about it anymore. Fun fact: in the UK it is illegal for a 9-9-9 (9-1-1) operator to hang up on a call – maybe it’s time we adopted that system in the US so things like this can’t happen anymore.