15 Delicious Mac & Cheese Recipes You Need In Your Life


Spice up your life with some ooey gooey mac ‘n’ cheese recipes.

1. Classic Baked Macaroni

This is the classic. The southern style baked macaroni and cheese is what dreams are made of. The Diva from DivasCanCook explains perfectly well how to make this recipe. Bonus: you don’t need to make a béchamel sauce, which is a step fewer between you and your macaroni.
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2. One Pot Bacon Macaroni

This is a one pot macaroni that is cooked in a skillet and then transferred into the oven and baked in the skillet. Fewer dishes means falling into your food coma faster after consuming all of the macaroni known to man!

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3. Slow Cooker Macaroni & Cheese

This is a recipe for macaroni where you literally add all of the basic ingredients raw, set the cooking settings, and then forget it for the day. You can leave for the day to go to work or school and come home to warm, comforting, delicious macaroni and cheese.

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4. Mac & Cheese in a Mug

This is an easy to make single serving of bacon macaroni and cheese that is baked and served in a mug. A bonus point to this video is that the cheese sauce doesn’t have a béchamel base, so that is an extra step that you get to skip.

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5. Mac & Cheese for One

This is another recipe for a single serving of macaroni, because some of us are single and have absolutely no shame in our game. So here’s to you! Enjoy your single serving of baked macaroni. This recipe is much more traditional and very close to the recipe for southern style baked macaroni.

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6. Prawn and Scallop Mac & Cheese

For those who like a little seafood in their macaroni, here is another slam dunk recipe from the crew at Sorted Food.

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7. Lobster Mac and Cheese

Of course, any list about macaroni and cheese wouldn’t be complete without a recipe for lobster mac and cheese. Chef John explains perfectly how to make the macaroni, but also why the steps and technique are important. So beginners who want to make gourmet food but have no idea how, rejoice!

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8. Texas Style Green Chili Mac and Cheese

Let’s just be real: everything is made better by adding a little spice and a little zing. Hilah shows how to do just that by adding chilies to something that is already the best thing in the world, so now it’s the best thing in the galaxy.

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9. Mac and Cheese Cups

Everyone needs another way to eat macaroni in their life. In this recipe macaroni is baked into little cups, so that you can eat your macaroni in bite sized pieces at a time.

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10. Mac and Cheese Balls

What to do with leftover macaroni? The best option is to fry it into delicious mac and cheese bites of course. This southern creation is what dreams are made of.

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11. Four Cheese Macaroni

This recipe is much closer to a macaroni that you might find in a restaurant. For all those who don’t want a simple one note macaroni, this one is for you!

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12. Gruyere Mac with Ham

For all of those out there who love a good restaurant-style macaroni, look no further. This macaroni has everything you need to impress people with your macaroni cooking prowess.

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13. Vegan (and Gluten Free) Mac and Cheese

For all those animal lovers, or those with food restrictions, here is a recipe for a mac and cheese that is both vegan and gluten free. Everyone deserves to enjoy the best comfort food known to man!

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14. Vegan, Gluten free, Soy free, Oil free Macaroni

Here is another recipe for macaroni for those with alternative diets. This one is gluten, dairy, soy, and oil free. So mac on this mac, and it won’t hurt you back!

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15. Gluten Free (Full Dairy) Macaroni