12 Hilarious GIFs Of People Experiencing Instant Karma


In every action, there is a corresponding reaction; therefore, karma is the result of those previous actions which have to be manifested accordingly. It simply means means action and reaction. It refers to the entire cycle of action and its consequences.

When you say karma, it’s just like saying “what you sow, you reap” or “what goes around, comes around”. Though there are many who believe that there is karma, there are still those who question its existence.

The following GIF’s will tell you what karma is:



Road Shoulder Driver Gets What’s Coming
Bicyclist Gets A Face-full Of Instant Karma
Don’t Celebrate Early
Don’t Mess With Geese
Illegal U-Turn Instant Karma
“Hitting A Ball Into A Wall 1 Foot From My Face Will Surely End Well!”
Pool Push Instant Karma
Bunk Beds
Popping A Tank Tire Goes Bad
Protester Eats It More Than One Way
Sign Gets Instant Revenge
Here Comes The Swagger