10 Year-Old Girl Writes The Perfect List Of Rules For A Boy That Likes Her And The Internet Agrees


Nothing is more annoying than when a guy can’t take a hint. It’s rude to scream “stop hitting on me!” in a guy’s face, but sometimes they’re just begging for it. One girl experienced the same problem, and handled it in a hilarious, and somewhat inspiring way.1

One little fifth grade boy developed a crush on a girl in his grade. He told the girl, Zoe, he liked her because she was the smartest girl he knew. I believe him – this girl seems like a genius. Zoe, 10, wrote a letter to the boy basically saying “back off”.

The letter has since gone viral. Apparently the boy gave the crushing letter to his teacher and Denny Jones, friend of the teacher, tweeted it.

Dang Zoe, you’re definitely not messing around. Her blunt response to the boy’s unwanted advances resonated with a lot of people online. Zoe received some well deserved praise.

Apparently now that the boy got the message, the two became friends. I guess sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Personally, I can’t work out if Zoe is headstrong and inspiring or a bit of a… well, I can’t say that about a 10-year-old.