10-Year-Old Girl Is About To Get Adopted, Has No Idea Her Entire School Skipped Class To Watch


The first day of school is always an exciting time, but for 10-year-old Abby Novotny, she had something much different to look forward to as the school year began.


Skipping the first day of school to make a trip to the court, Abby was officially adopted into her new family.

In support of their classmate’s big day, the entire student body of St. Coletta Day School gathered in the courtroom where Abby was officially adopted by her foster mother Anne Novotny after filing for the appropriate petitions.

“Abby was so excited that her classmates were here. That was just amazing for her,” Anne Novotny explained to reporters.


St. Coletta Day School Administrator Bill Koehn planned the trip to the courtroom and organized carpools and rides to get all students safely to the location.

St. Coletta Day School supports about two dozen children with cognitive disabilities, and they were all excited to support Abby on her big day.

“I was going into foster homes. It made me a little sad, so I thought, all right, put your money where your mouth is. So I started fostering. I never had any clue it would morph into this,” Anne said.


Having adopted eight children before taking in Abby in 2013, Anne acted as an amazing mother for many others before adding Abby to the already big family.

Anne, who is 50 years old, was a social worker that went through a divorce after years of marriage. After the divorce, Anne invested herself into helping children who may have needed it the most, despite their special needs or rough history.


“I get choked up even now. It never, ever is the same. It’s always amazing and exciting. Honestly, I put it on the same level as giving birth to your child,” said Anne.

Abby was equally excited to officially join her new family, and even counted down the days before Anne took the petition to the courtroom to finalize the adoption.


It is truly incredible to see a woman taking on the role of mother for so many children. On top of that, Anne has truly been a massive support system for her adopted children, three of which are currently attending college.

Abby is surely in the right hands with Anne and the Novotny family by her side!

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